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North Long Beach Christian Fellowship's
    “Adults do count.”

“We are faced with many life challenges, of which illiteracy plays a major part. We are addressing these issues through our Adult Education Program. Enhancing life skills are our major objective as we move forward facing our tomorrows with confidence.”

Rev. Walter Carter

Adult Education Enhancing Life Skills

Overcoming the shame and embarrassment of illiteracy is not easy for any adult. Admitting the problem and coming forward to seek literacy instruction is difficult. Addressing the issues of illiteracy is to align the miniseries of NLBCF with the initiatives already in place by federal, state and Long Beach City government to challenge the issues adult literacy.
Our Vision
The vision of NLBCF is to involve learners in becoming more productive citizens and community participants, parents/family members, workers, and independent learners.
Our Mission
As a partner in this effort we commit the E. Boyington Education to this cause:
  • Providing an opportunity for adult learners to view themselves as leaders in reducing illiteracy and supporting their leadership as they encourage others to deal with illiteracy;
  • Developing the speaking skills of adult learners so that they can advocate for literacy and for themselves and their children;
  • Providing adult learners with the opportunity to discuss issues important to their participation and success in literacy programs as they become part of the effort to fight adult illiteracy issues;
  • In a knowledge-based society, American workers by the thousands are still unable to operate a computer. We will provide a computer lab and training for the Computer illiterate adult.
  • Provide assistance to obtain a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED) that represents enhanced literacy and employability skills.
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